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200 Yeah !

It´s great pleasure to have another Mikkas and Lars (Djuma Soundsystem) dj set at Misturinha to celebrate the 200 programs.

Mikkas and Lars started their career as producers in quite an odd way: In 2001 they´ve composed and produced the music for the ballet “Off the record” for The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen. A ballet that merged classical music with elements of new electronic genres, such as electronica and breakbeats. It resulted in standing applauses and flowers from the queen herself, even the mother’s of Mikkas and Lars’ were impressed. Since then, the guys have been working on many different projects, but always together as a team. They have produced everything from deep electronica to underground pop, working for Gotan Project’s Phillip Cohen Solal and making one of the remixes that helped to break Junior Seniors fluke pop hit “Move your feet”. Djuma Soundsystem is signed to the German label Get Physical Music. Home for artists such as M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T, Booka Shade, Samim etc…

Jenner: Your track Les Djinns (Get Physical) is still the most sold single at Beatport ever. Were you afraid of the stigma of one hit wonder ?

Mikkas: Les Djinns have of course been very important to us, since it was such a great success. It was a so called “cross over” hit, played both by all the credible club djs, the commercial clubs and radios. It was totally unexpected for us and after that we had to make a choice; did we wanted to stay in the underground or try to make a follow up to “Les Djinns”‘ success. We choose to stick with the club scene, even if we always loved melodies, and never were afraid of “being pop”.
Jenner: You’ve been working as djs for so many years playing all over and has released in February “This Sound”. Now you are touring live set as well, how you do you feel about it ?
Mikkas: “This Sound” was a single released under our moniker “Def Jaguar” as a left hand project. To our surprise it went straight to the number one spot at Beatport, even if it was released on a new and very small label, called “Brut”.

Lars: We’ve also made enough material to play live as Djuma Soundsystem. It’s a lot of fun, and we think it’s working really well. We use laptops and midi controllers of course, but we also integrate old synths and a talk box into our show, plus our own visuals when possible.

Jenner: Give us an impression about in which direction the electronic music scene is driving to.

Mikkas: We still think that our label Get physical sound and maybe Booka Shade (in particular) have a huge influence on the electronic scene. It seems that everything is coming a bit together these days with techno being more house and vice versa. The cheesiness has luckily been toned down and we hope the whole electrohouse thing will too. It seems like electronic music is very versatile with lots of space for experimentation these days with minimalism being a key word of course. It’s also nice to see the return of warm and earthy sounds and percussion as well

Jenner: Thank you guys, hope to see you soon here in Brazil.

Djuma Soundsystem

Djuma Soundsystem (Mikkas / Lars) dj set
01. NÙze – Danse Avec Moi (Sascha Funke remix)
02. Thomas Schumacher – Take me out (unreleased version)
03. Booka Shade – Charlotte (Dubfire remix)
04. Cle – Nomads (Matthias Tanzmann remix)
05. Dusty Kid – Kore
06. The Fix – Duck Butter
07. The Smiths – Please (Da.Ma.SK prod remix)
08. Noferini & Max-D-Loved feat Miss Mel – Boy (D-Loved revisited)
09. Orlie & Martie – Chi
10. Kaskade – 4 AM (Djuma Soundsystem dub remix)
11. Johnny D – Gualia
12. Maskio – Human Jungle (Santos re-edit)
13. Solaris Heights – No trace (Popof remix)

Jenner dj set

14. Bomb The Bass (Feat Paul Conboy) – So Special
15. Dave Gahan – Kingdom
16. Gerador Zero – Code Blocks*
17. Moby – Disco Lies (Jacques Renault Remix)
18. Database – A French Winter *
19. Vitalic vs Donna Summer – Juliet in Love (Not In The Mood For VIPs mash up)
20. Does It Offend You Yeah – We Are Rockstars
21. Boys Noize – & Down
22. Justice – Stress
23. Bobmo – To The Bobmobile
24. Unkle Jam – Love Ya (Herve Remix)
25. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Surkin Rogue Teens Remix)
26. Bloody Beetroots – I love the Bloody Beetroots
27. Chemical Brothers – The Private Psychedelic Reel
* artistas brasileiros / brazilian artists

This program is dedicated to Tim Simenon (Bomb the Bass)
20 years after still a big big inspiration.

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    the May 2008 mix is very nice.:) i like specially : Noferini & Max-D-Loved feat Miss Mel – Boy (D-Loved revisited)….. mamma mia 😀 .i can’t find that track.you think you can help me ??? i’ll let you my messenger ID if you want to help me.Please.Thanks.

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